Summer Cold Brew Coffee Soda with Lemon

Have you ever gone to brunch and wanted to order a coffee, a drink, and a water? No, just me? When I was creating this drink I could help but think of some very specific times when I lived in sunshine state…

I lived in Los Angeles for a short time and had a few friends that I would often brunch with at a little place called Cafe 101. We would all come in a little tired from either working late the night before or maybe having one too many drinks after service was over, and the indecisiveness was serious…Would hair of the dog really fix this hangover? What hair of the dog should we order? Would water be enough to quench this intense thirst? Was there really enough coffee in the world to wake us up?! By the time we were ready to order our food there wasn’t enough room on the table for a place with an array of glasses in front of everyone.

This iced coffee soda is an ode to those hungover Hollywood cafe meetups. It’s as light as a hard seltzer, with a good hit of caffeine and takes care of the need to order three drinks while you’re out. Feeling a bit hungover? This is my preferred “hair of the dog” to chase last night’s lingering woes away. It’s also perfect for any hot summer morning or a little special afternoon pick-me up.

I recommend a heavy hand with the lemon squeeze as the citrus really elevates and brightens this drink. Feel free to add a splash of simple sugar if you like your coffee on the sweet side like I do. To keep this drink fresh and fun, try experimenting with different flavored seltzer waters as your mix-in, make it a party and ask everyone to bring their favorite to share. Bitters can also make a great addition, especially the bolder flavored ones like cardamom or ginger.

Check out the recipe below:

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Full Recipe in Details

  • 2 oz iced coffee or cold brew

  • 2-3 oz sparkling water*

  • heavy squeeze of lemon

  • lemon wedge for garnish

  • Add ice to your glass, and pour in whiskey and your cold brew.

  • Top with sparkling water and a generous squeeze of lemon.

  • Stir for 30 seconds

  • Garnish with wedge of lemon


*Don’t be afraid to try other flavored seltzer waters too, like coconut, orange or even black cherry!

*You could use the cold brew method from *THIS* recipe. Or you could simply make a pot of coffee, let it get cold and then pop it into a container in the fridge until you’re ready to make these drinks. Iced coffee made this way only lasts a day or two, so make sure you drink up quick!

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