From Poitín to pink gins, Ireland has plenty of spirits to satisfy any drinker. Ahead of St Patrick’s Day tomorrow, we present some of the best bottlings to toast the country’s patron saint.

While Irish whiskey and Guinness remain some of the most popular drinks for celebrating St Patrick’s Day (17 March), we thought we would introduce some other top-quality spirits from the country.

One of the country’s most famed spirits is Poitín, which alongside Irish whiskey and Irish cream, is protected with geographical indication status in the European Union.

Meanwhile, Ireland has also welcomed an abundance of gins in recent years with distillers ramping up production and releasing experimental and trend-driven products to attract consumers.

Ireland’s rich spirits industry also spans vodka and liqueurs, and even brandy, meaning those who prefer to avoid whiskey can enjoy a drink of something different on St Patrick’s Day.

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